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Lewright Meats and Deli offers a wide selection of all cuts of meats. All products in our retail case -- from Ribeyes, T-Bones, Sirloin Steaks, Pork Chops, Beef Roasts, Pork Roasts, Hams, Smoked Chops, Bacon, etc., are all from corn-fed livestock grown in Central Iowa. We use only "Natural Beef" which is raised without antibiotics, steroids or implants.

When you choose to buy beef from our retail case or purchase whole sides, quarters or halves, we offer many choices of cuts. For example, on a beef quarter, you are allowed choices of steak thickness, roast size, hamburger - patties or bulk in any size packages.

Any smoked beef products can also be produced from your quarters, such as Summer Sausage, Dried Beef, Ring Bologna, Beef Sticks or Jerky.

When you choose to buy pork from our retail case or purchase whole of half hogs, we can also process that to your exact specifications. We will provide you with a three page list for hogs, including choices of many cuts, as well as many smoked products from Bacon, Ham, Smoked Chops, Smoked Brats, Pork Jerky, etc.

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Our Packages include:
Smoked Bacon | Cottage Bacon | Ham | Steaks Sliced Ham | Shaved Ham | Dried Beef Smoked Links | Ring Bologna | Summer Sausage Smoked Shanks | Bratwurst | Bratwurst Patties Smoke | Pork Chops | Beef Jerky | Beef Roasts | T-Bones Ribeyes | and much much more!

We're also offering beef and pork jerky
and sticks on our packages page